CNC Turning

Our turning department contains high production lathes with multiple spindles, multiple turrets, bar feeders, and live tooling. With the bar feeder loading the material automatically into the lathe, the machine only stops when we need to change tools. Having multiple spindles and turrets enables us to be more cost effective by dividing the cycle time between the two spindles. Live tooling allows us to machine complex parts complete without having to add it into an additional CNC Machining Center.

Our turning capabilities can produce parts as small as .050 or as large as 12.00 inches in diameter. With the addition of a Mori-Seiki NL 2000MC, we can now turn parts up to 25.00 inches in length and bar feed up to 2.500 inches in diameter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

CNC turned part
CNC Lathe
CNC turned part